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The Material

The Material is not the type of band that sits and hopes that someone will give them their big break-they would rather work for it. In the two years they’ve been together, The Material has managed to build an impressive resume-and they’re just getting started. Without any record label support, the band was chosen by the San Diego Bureau of Tourism to represent the city’s music scene on a nationally distributed promotional disc and has earned regular airtime on four major local radio stations.

The Material also made their MTV debut last year with performances of their single “The Long Way Home” and a cover of OneRepublic’s hit “Apologize” on MTV2’s Dew Circuit Breakout. The band was chosen out of 4,000 other bands to perform on the show, which has helped launch the careers of such bands as Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard and Thursday. As a result of the performance, The Material saw their fan base explode. Still, they aren’t done working.


Lead Vocal EM 550 G2, SKM 565 G2
Antenna / Distribution A 5000 CP
IEM System ew 300 IEM G2

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Country USA
Band members Colleen, Jon, Roi, Noah, Matt



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