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Snoop Dogg

After 16-plus years in the realm of hip-hop, Calvin «Snoop Dogg» Broadus is an all-out pop culture icon and household name. His career spans from music to movies, video games to clothing lines and now his own hit TV show (E!’s reality series Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood).

Ego Trippin’, the Doggfather’s ninth solo studio album, is a sonically assorted, yet thematically cohesive offering that marries Snoop’s many musical influences together with his array of personas.

Snoop Dogg recruited legendary producer/recording artist Teddy Riley to enhance the process. The resulting sessions birthed an unimaginable amount of high quality music. Next the duo added the musical mind of renowned producer/rapper DJ Quik into the fold.

«Sensual Seduction,» the album’s first single, is proof positive of the musical leaps that Snoop is willing to take. The song’s Roger Troutman-influenced hook and 80s-nostalgia music video impacted radio rotations, video play lists and, most importantly, Snoop’s fans, immediately. «My fans have been with me for so long that I can take them wherever I want to go and they are comfortable,» Snoop assures.


Lead Vocal EM 550 G2, SKM 935 G2
Background Vocal EM 550 G2, SKM 935 G2
Kick Drum Inside e 901
Toms (Rack & Floor) e 604, e 908d
Guitar Amp e 906
Antenna / Distribution AC 2, NT3
IEM System ew 300 IEM G2

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Country USA
Band members Snoop Dogg

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