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Chris Barber

The British trombonist, bassist and singer founded his first band in 1949. The then 19-year-old bandleader and his Barber New Orleans Band, however, failed to make much of an impact. But just a few years later success finally came around, and all the bigger for it. Chris Barber had teamed-up with banjo-playing legend Lonnie Donegan to build a typical traditional jazz ensemble. With ”Ice Cream“ and ”Petite Fleur“ the Chris Barber Jazz Band had worldwide hits that have since become absolute classics.

Numerous albums would follow as well as about 10.000 live performances in just about every part of the world. Giving Chris Barber the opportunity to present his trademark programme made up of traditional dixieland and skiffle but also incorporating rock ’n’ roll und blues. In the U.S. Barber and his Band used to perform together with local blues acts. In 2001 Chris Barber extended his jazz line-up to form his 11-piece Big Chris Barber Band.


Lead Vocal EM 550 G2, MMD 935, SKM 300 G2
Kick Drum Outside e 902
Kick Drum Inside e 901
Snare (Top & Bottom) e 904
Toms (Rack & Floor) e 906
Overheads e 914
General e 935, e 965

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