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The Feeling

The Feeling are: Dan Gillespie Sells — vocals & guitar, Richard Jones — bass, Kevin Jeremiah — guitar, Ciaran Jeremiah — keyboards, Paul Stewart — drums. The Feeling, who are all between 25 and 27, are overnight sensations with a bit of a past, cutting their teeth as session musicians on a variety of mainstream and marginal recordings. They’re all from Sussex, except Dan, who’s from London. Paul, Kevin and Ciaran even went to the same school: Paul and Ciaran were in the same year.

The Sussex axis of the band have been friends for 13 years. They met Dan and Richard at music college in Croydon 10 years ago, and they’ve been working together in various forms ever since. The Feeling produce great big no-nonsense, hook-filled, giant-chorused pop music — music for the masses, only intelligent, with sunshine hooks and killer choruses that everyone can hum, from plumbers to professors. The Feeling are pop and proud with an assured future in music.Their First album “twelve stops and Home” was a brilliant record soon to be followed up with their second album due to be out in 2008.


Lead Vocal KK 105, SKM 5200
Background Vocal KMS 105
Kick Drum Inside e 901
Overheads KM 184
IEM System ew 300 IEM G2
General ew 372 G2

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Country United Kingdom
Band members Dan Gillespie Sells, Richard Jones, Kevin Jeremiah, Ciaran Jeremiah, Paul Stewart


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