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Seal’s trademark soaring, husky baritone voice was first heard internationally in 1990 with „Killer“ the Trevor Horn-produced hit by techno artist Adamski. Just one year later Seal had a hit in his own right (and write): “Crazy” introduced the world to a genre-defying artist mixing soul, pop, rock, R&B, and propulsive grooves with ease and to wonderful effect.

Seal has delivered ever since. Collecting a Brit Award for his album „Seal“ in 1992 and three Grammies in 1996 — for the ballad “Kiss From A Rose”, the eponymous album as well as for Best male Pop Performance. Two decades into a remarkable career Seal has sold 15 million albums worldwide, founded a family with German top-model Heide Klum and is now about to release his sixths studio album, „Soul“: Seal’s personal best of collection of classic soul songs like the Sam Cooke ballad “A Change Is Gonna Come”.

Each song will be carried by Seal’s one-of-a-kind voice, adding something really new and unique to classic masterpieces.


Lead Vocal SKM 5200
Background Vocal EM 3732
IEM System EK 300 IEM G2, SR 300 IEM G2

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