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Jane Zhang

Chinese pop singer Jane Zhang was born October 11, 1984, in Chengdu, Sichuan. The humble beginning of her career was performing at a local pub accompanied by her uncle. Thus, the then 15-year-old, became familiar with many different styles of music and a fan of American singers such as Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Subsequently, after finishing college, Jane Zhang majored in English at Sichuan University’s Foreign Language Department. She left university to compete in the 2005 Super Girl competition, where many critics considered her the best singer.

Furthermore, her amazing ability to master the whistle register earned her the nickname «The Dolphin Princess» as the whistle register is called the dolphin vocal sound in China. So, though finishing only third, she became the first Super Girl contestant to hold a personal music show for her fans. Also in 2005 Jane Zhang was given the chance to record her debut album ”The One” with the help of producers like Craig Williams and Peter Hyams. In February 2007 she was the only Asian female singer to be invited by World Peace One to join 100 world-famous singers in a concert project to make the world aware of Third World poverty. Solo concerts in the U.S. and China followed.

On August 2, 2007  Jane Zhang’s second album ”Update” was relased. Contrary to its more ”Chinese“ predecessor it has a decidely international flavour to it, with elements of R&B and jazz. By the end of 2008 delighted live audiences had the opportunity to hear some of the songs from her new album due out this year.


Lead Vocal SKM 5200
Background Vocal EM 3532-U

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