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With a Rumanian mother, a Nigerian Father and a German birthplace it comes as no surprise that Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin sings mostly in English and sometimes in French when touring the world. You may know her as Ayo (that’s JOY in the Yoruba language), the spirited soul singer who often uses her unique soft voice for telling rather tough stories. It was her father who introduced her to the world of music and later cut her first demo tape. But Ayo’s career really got started when she moved to Paris, where she gave her first solo concerts and signed a contract with Polydor Records in 2002.

Featuring the hit single “Down On My Knees“ Ayo’s debut album “Joyful”, released in 2006, went to #6 and stayed in the Top 20 for over 30 weeks. Her live achievements are no less impressive. Ayo sold out the legendary Olympia Theater in Paris five times – a feat never accomplished before. The album cut during the concerts subsequently went platinum. While “Joyful“ was recorded in New York in only five days, Ayo approached her second album differently. Flying to the Bahamas she withdrew to the Compass Point Studios owned by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. Working with analogue equipment legends like Bob Marley or the Rolling Stones once used she wanted to capture the vibe and spirit of this special location in her songs. When “Gravity At Last“ was released in 2008, everyone could hear that she had succeeded.

Using her fame and cultural background Ayo raises her lovely voice not only in song: In February 2009 she was named patron of UNICEF to promote the right to education for all children in the world by the president of UNICEF France, Jacques Hintzy. Ayo – there is a big world in just three letters, and it will continue to grow. Not least on us.


Lead Vocal SKM 5200
Antenna / Distribution  A 2003 UHF
General  EM 3532-U, EM 550 G2, SK 500 G2

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