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A kiss is just a kiss — and sometimes it can be so much more. Ask Tarkan Tevetoglu (just call him Tarkan), whose trademark song «Simarik» including those highly recognizable kissing sounds propelled the young Turk, born in Germany in 1972, to international stardom in 1999. Though he had previously released three album that sold extremely well in Turkey, «Simarik» was his first go at the single format. It was a game-changing event.

The song earned a World Music Award and turned out to be Tarkan’s kiss of life for Turkish pop. And the whole world kissed him back. Considered one of the best live entertainers by producer/legend Ahmet Ertegün, the charismatic performer went on to move the crowds in Europe and Latin America, enchanted the audiences in Dubai and finally took the Wembley Arena by storm in 2008.

Delivering great — and great selling — albums featuring pop gems like «Sikidim» (Shake), «Kuzu Kuzu» («Like A Lamb») or «Bounce» Tarkan left no doubt, that he will be throwing kisses into big audiences for quite some time.


Lead Vocal  SKM 5200
Background Vocal  e 935
Kick Drum Outside e 902
Kick Drum Inside e 901
Snare (Top & Bottom) e 614
Toms (Rack & Floor)  e 904
Overheads e 614
Guitar Amp e 906
Antenna / Distribution AC 3000-EU, ASA 3000
IEM System ew 300 IEM G2
General HSP 4, MD 421-II, MKE PLATINUM

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