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Envision the dark beauty which is the Finnish landscape. The woods, the lakes, occasional humans looking lost in the vastness of nature. Then imagine a soundtrack that captures the mood and atmosphere of this scenario and you might well have a vision of what HIM sound and feel like. Exploring both the stubborn and the lyrical side of melancholy HIM’s music often is sweet and powerful at the same time.

A style they quite appropriately call “Love Metal”. Their foundation in 1991 going relatively unnoticed, they released their first work in 1996: the EP ”666 Ways to Love“, available in Finland only. Continuously enlarging their sphere of influence they began touring Germany, Europe, North America and Australia promoting their respective albums. And very successfully so. “Razorblade Romance”, released in 1999, reached #1 in the German charts, as did its featured single ”Join Me (In Death)“. Their way into the new millennium was marked by many high entries within several European single charts and awards like the VIVA-Comet for „Best Band“ in 2001.

Also their last album, elaborately named “Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, Chapters 1-13”, released in February 2010 sent its featured single “Heartkiller“ way up the charts in Finland and Germany. Want to discover the beauty and melancholy of the Finnish soul? Go and see Ville Valo and his colleagues play live under the sign of their famous heartagram logo.

(Photo Credit: Che Ballard)


Lead Vocal e 965
Background Vocal e 935
Kick Drum Outside e 902
Kick Drum Inside e 901
Snare (Top & Bottom) e 905
Toms (Rack & Floor) e 904
Guitar Amp e 906
Antenna / Distribution5000-CP, AC 3200
IEM System EK 300 IEM G3, SR 300 IEM G3

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Country Finland
Band members Ville Valo (vocals), Mikko ’Linde’ Lindström (guitar), Mikko ’Mige’ Paananen (Bass), Janne ’Burton’ Puurtinen (keyboards), Mika ’Gas’ Karppinen (drums).

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