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She can make moods of any color sound unmistakably Pink: Alecia Beth Moore of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. From mirth (“Get the Party Started”) to anger (“Dear Mr. President”) to vulnerabilty (“Please Don’t Leave Me”)… and then some. You’ll always know it’s her. No matter if she does ballad or big-time party. Pink is not your usual singing songwriting gal. It could have been different, though.

Her debut album “Can’t Take Me Home” released in 2000 and heavily successful might as well have been the blue print for a body of work of another hip hop-tinged R&B act. She wouldn’t let that happen. Developing her own style she co-wrote most of the songs of “M!ssundaztood”, the album she released in 2001 featuring “Just Like A Pill”, “Get the Party Started” and “Don’t Let Me Get Me”. It has sold 13 million copies so far. “Try This” mainly a collaboration with punk band singer and guitarrist Tim Armstrong came out in November 2003. It earned her a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance on “Trouble”. Definitely more rock than pop this album contributed to Pinks reputation as an original and serious artist. In April 2006 her fourth studio album “I’m Not Dead” hit the stores. It contained hit singles like “Stupid Girls”, “U + Ur Hand” and “Who Knew” and was the statement of a 25-year-old gifted artist establishing her agenda. Her latest album, “Funhouse”, was released in November 2008.

Most of its songs deal with the than separation from her husband Carey Hart. Pink shows brilliance in the face of grief here: singles „So What“, “Please Don’t Leave Me“ and the title track went down a storm. Europeans who want to see what Pink is capable of on stage have a good chance to do so in 2010 when she’ll be performing in Austria, Germany, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Lead Vocal SKM 2000
Background Vocal SKM 2000
Kick Drum Outside e 902
Snare (Top & Bottom) e 904
Toms (Rack & Floor) e 904
Overheads e 914
Guitar Amp e 906
Antenna / Distribution5000-CP
IEM System ew 300 IEM G3
General MKH 800 TWIN Ni
MKH 8040

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Country USA
Hometown Doylestown

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